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Our Subject-Matter Expert
David Richardson, P.Eng.
1982 - 2024

Image corrosion profiling
David Richardson

David Richardson, P.Eng.

Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer

Image corrosion profiling

In fields where steel veins stretch and curve,
Beneath the sky, they weave and swerve.
A network vast, with secrets deep,
Through mountains, plains, and valleys steep.
The lifeblood of our energy flow,
Through pipelines, oil and gas bestow.
But hidden threats in shadows lie,
Corrosion risk, we must defy.
With tools and sensors, data streams,
We monitor, assess, and scheme.
Internal threats from within we fight,
Ensuring pipelines stay upright.


As a Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer, David brings a wealth of knowledge in pipeline integrity management / internal corrosion assessment and control.

With his strong analytical skills and attention to detail, David has been supporting oil and gas and pipeline operating teams since 1982.

David is recognized globally as a leader in the development of quantitative corrosion profiling models as the foundation of compliant and risk-optimized Corrosion Management Plans (CMP-IC)


Water, gas, and oil's dance,
Through metal veins, they twist and prance.
Temperature and pressure's might,
We gauge and guard both day and night.
In workshops, minds collaborate,
To mitigate and innovate.
Management of change, our guiding star,
To keep our pipelines strong and far.
From deep within the earth's embrace,
To urban sprawl, each line in place.
Integrity, our solemn vow,
To safeguard all, we stand and bow.

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